COMPACT SPACE MAXIMUM COLLABORATION, TRIANGULAR CORNER DESK the Key!! 1Desk3pc Group Model 2832 Contemporary White/Espresso Color. Includes All Items to Create Instantly Productive Team Spaces!

COMPACTSPACE MAXIMUM COLLABORATION ? TRIANGULAR CORNER DESK the key!! | 1Desk3pcComplete Model 2832 Contemporary White/Espresso color. Includes all Componentsfor Collectively Productive Work Experiences.| Instantly Create Team Spaces for your Creative Colleagues. | Maximumfunctionality in compact spaces. | This fashionable ?space efficient? teamwork-cluster in clean contemporary design includes the KEY ITEM TRIANGULAR CORNERDESK + 2 reversible Left/Right Drawer Filiin clean contemporary design includes the KEY ITEM TRIANGULAR CORNERDESK + 2 reversible Left/Right Drawer Filing Cabinets. | ALLpieces have XTRA-THICK tops of Commercial Grade Quality Thermally-FusedMelamine laminate. Go ahead and use itwith confidence, this is not thin paper laminate junk so common on most"value" desk tops!!! | IMPORTANT .... The TRIANGULAR CORNER DESK isthe KEY ? building on that basic shape quickly and simply creates all thecollaboration clusters you need and allows MAXIMUM COLLABORATION IN COMPACTSPACES. | This collection is ?Simple-To-Assemble? and?Easy-To-Install? with just basic tools.| The complete group ismanufactured with commercial grade quality thermally-fused melamine lamination,high impact edges, completely finished edges for high activity office use. | Andwhat a fashionable style and fresh color combination to combine with your freshbusiness ideas. | Just order, quickly set up, transform theworkflow of your collaboration areas and enjoy the productive output in amodern and contemporary team space!!! | Each collaboration cluster uses differentitems but here are all the measurements of the individual pieces for yourreference: | The supremely versatile KEY TRIANGULAR CORNERDESK measures 35?W x 35?D x 30?H with an XTRA-THICK 1" high-use top. | ThePrivacy Screen measures 35?L x 11?D x 12?H and offers privacy between multipledesks in a cluster. | The useful reversible Left/Right DrawerFiling Cabinet measures 28?W x 14?D x 30?H with an XTRA-THICK 1" high-usetop. |The functional reversible Left/Right Desk Extension measures 28?W x 14?Dx 30?H with an XTRA-THICK 1" high-use top.| The super-practical reversible TallCabinets (select either the two door version or the open version) measures 28?Wx 14?D x 60?H with an XTRA-THICK 1" high-use top and allow privacy andextended storage in any cluster. | (NOTE: Group includes Furniture Pieces ONLY) read more