Spiderlegs Folding Cafe Table, 30-Inch, Light Cherry

Spider legs tables are Hand Crafted Portable Tables with a patented folding design and original locking hardware. Hand crafted in California from Baltic Birch, this unique folding table is finished to order and available in six stain finishes, all with a polyurethane top coats. The table can accommodate up to 4 adults, folds like a suitcase for easy storage and has its own built in handle for easy transport. The folded dimensions are 30" x 15" x 4.75". The table basand has its own built in handle for easy transport. The folded dimensions are 30" x 15" x 4.75". The table base adds stability and flexes slightly with moderately uneven surfaces (prevents rocking common to café pedestal tables). Items such as table cover, picnic supplies or paperwork can be stored or carried in spaces inside the folded table. The patented locking hinges prevent the table from collapsing when opened. Each leg has been tested to support more than 75 pounds (recommended load limit). Hinge locks may be easily released by pressing the solid brass lock buttons between the thumb and a finger. The table may be used indoors or outdoors and is built 29 Inch high to be more compatible with the height of a typical dining table. On carpeted surfaces the base allows the table to be moved (slid) without lifting the table, a useful feature for partially completed puzzles, projects, or scrapbooks. Uses include extended dining, games, cards, puzzles, travel (RVs, motel table), extra desk space, elegant camping and tail gate parties, exhibitions and displays, picnics, patio dining, events. Often used as a dining table in small apartments and condos without dining rooms. Can be store under a bed, stand up in a coat closets, on a shelf. With the attractive furniture finish storing the table in a visible location may be desirable. Clean with a damp cloth. Renew wood surfaces with wood care products. US Patent numbers 6,779,466 and 7,337,728. European Patent Number 1 466 644. The table includes a full one year warranty. read more