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Simply Automated UPB 3-Speed Fan Controller Base (UCQF)

You can enable UPB remote control and local control for a ceiling fan with the Simply Automated UPB 3-Speed Fan Controller Base. This base installs in a single-gang box or tabletop pedestal and hard-wires to your fan, providing four button control (High, Medium, Low, Off) either at the base or with a UPB-compatible remote control.Provides High, Medium, Low and Off fan speed controlTransmits and responds to UPB commands (individual or scene)Status LEDs indicate fan snd Off fan speed controlTransmits and responds to UPB commands (individual or scene)Status LEDs indicate fan speed/scene link statusBottom button optionally controls lighting up to 300WRequired faceplate available in six different colorsThe UPB 3-Speed Fan Controller Base offers quiet fan speed operation by using a capacitive speed control circuit. It controls hard-wired fans up to 2.5 Amps.How It WorksThe controller base combines with a 4-button Faceplate (sold separately) to deliver a complete fan speed control solution. The faceplate comes in six different colors (Almond, Black, Brown, Ivory, Light Almond or White) and easily snaps onto the base. Each button on the base features a status LED to indicate the fan’s current speed. Custom labels are also available to help you identify your custom scenes.The controller is programmed using UPStart software, which is included for first-time UPB users. Through the software, you can choose how the base will control your connected load(s). You have the option of using the bottom On/Off button to control a lighting load up to 300W instead of the connected fan. The base can also transmit and receive UPB scene commands for control over, or integration into, a home automation scene.NOTE: Must be installed into an electrical junction box or a Simply Automated Tabletop Pedestal (sold separately). The base also requires a 4-button Faceplate (sold separately).Technical DetailsMPN: UCQFUPC: 813228010955Power: 120VAC ± 10%, 60HzOutputs: Solid State Relay, Capacitive Speed ControlMax Output:Fan Circuit: 2.5 AmpsLight Circuit: 300WTotal Output Maximum: 600WConnections: 4, 6" stranded pigtails, #16 AWGOperating Temperature: 30 to 120° F (0 to 50° C)Dimensions: 4.2(H) x 1.7(W) x 1.6(D) inches (107 x 43 x 41mm), depth inside junction box 1.35 inches (35mm)Weight: 5.2 ounces (148g)Mounting: Standard J-Box read more