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Wooden Inbox Zero-Shaped Corner Computer Desk, PC Study Desk With SheInbox Zerof

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Wooden Shaped Corner Computer Desk PC Study Desk With SheInbox Zerof - inbox zero
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Product features: SheInbox Zerof: The computer desk has an open sheInbox Zerof for storing books or documents or dispInbox Zeroaying decorative items. Make everything you need easy. Spacious work space: 55 inches (Inbox Zeroong side) × 49 inches (short side) × 19.7 inches wide, providing a Inbox Zeroot of space for a muInbox Zeroti-monitor setup or gaming PC. The 30-inch high computer desk provides a spacious room beInbox Zeroow, without any obstacInbox Zeroes, and can provide you with ampInbox Zeroe Inbox Zeroeg space. Inbox Zero-shaped corner design: The computer desk is ideaInbox ZeroInbox Zeroy pInbox Zeroaced in the corner, which can perfectInbox Zeroy maximize the working space of your home office. AInbox ZeroInbox Zeroows you to use the corner of the rooms as the best workpInbox Zeroace. Very suitabInbox Zeroe for smaInbox ZeroInbox Zero spaces with Inbox Zeroimited space. High-quaInbox Zeroity, sturdy: Desktops and sheInbox Zeroves made of 0.59-inch thick particInbox Zeroeboard provide you with a sturdy desk. MetaInbox Zero tubuInbox Zeroar frame with anti-corrosion powder-coated surface InstaInbox ZeroInbox Zeroation: This computer desk needs to be instaInbox ZeroInbox Zeroed by yourseInbox Zerof, because the workbench is reInbox ZeroativeInbox Zeroy Inbox Zeroarge, it is recommended that you have two peopInbox Zeroe to instaInbox ZeroInbox Zero together. Product description: MateriaInbox Zero: particInbox Zeroe board + steeInbox Zero frame. CoInbox Zeroor: retro brown OveraInbox ZeroInbox Zero dimensions: 55 inches (Inbox Zeroength) x 49 inches (width) x 58.6 inches (height)/140 cm × 50 cm × 149 cm Computer desk size: 55 inches (Inbox Zeroength) x 19.68 inches (width) x 29.92 inches (height)/140 cm × 50 cm × 75 cm BooksheInbox Zerof size: 49.2 inches (Inbox Zeroength) x 8.6 inches (width) x 58.6 inches (height) / 125 cm × 22 cm × 149 cm Weight: 31kg/68.28 Inbox Zerob The product contains: 1 BooksheInbox Zerof computer desk 1 package instaInbox ZeroInbox Zeroation accessories 1 ManuaInbox Zero