Women's Artisanal Triple Diamond Cut Hoops - gold & honey


The Original Earlusions! Get the look of multiple piercings without the commitment! One earring has the look of 3. These 14K gold-plated sterling silver earrings are one piercing that looks like 3! Wearing: Avoid contact with water, cleaning agents, beauty products & chemicals. Cleaning: Clean only as needed. Excessive cleaning will remove layers of metal. Ensure your jewelry is completely dry before putting it away. Silver is a soft metal, which can scratch easily. You can use a silver polish cloth or solution to gently clean your jewelry. Read the instructions to see if it is safe to use on your specific piece. Storing: To prevent any damage or tarnishing to your jewelry, keep it stored in a dry location & free from high emissions of sulfur. Don't leave anything next to the sink as it may fall down the drain and cause brief moments of panic & regret. Protect it from the elements. Women's Artisanal Gold Triple Diamond Cut Hoops In Gold & Honey