Women's Artisanal Necklace Letter B & Zirconias - daixa somed


YOUR INITIAL COLLECTION: Your name says who you are. A name contains a whole story. Now your initial is your new symbol, your new talisman. An everyday essential, our Necklace Letter necklace is a stunning piece that you will wear constantly. Each necklace is made entirely in my studio in Barcelona. The slight variations are the mark of craftsmanship, a testament to the individuality of the piece. You need to avoid reactions by the chlorine, perfumes or other liquids. The resistance of the jewels 18K gold plated can change according to environmental conditions. They can also change for the own ph of the skin. To keep your 18K gold plated Daixa Somed jewels clean you can rub them very softly with a clean cloth. Finally, dry them with another clean cloth. Always avoid cleansers and soapy water. Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Finishing: 18K yellow gold plated. Extra glossy finish (hand polished). Stones: AAA grade colour zirconia. Designed and handmade in Barcelona. Women's Artisanal Gold Necklace Letter B - & Zirconias DAIXA SOMED