Women's Artisanal Cotton Cuddly Cardigan Idared Graphite L XL - you by tokarska


Feminine, cuddly cardigan. Sweater perfectly masks imperfections of the figure. Provides warmth and comfort even during extremaly cold winter, but in the summer it will serve as a delicate cover. The universal cut of the sweater is combined with any stylization. Polish product, handmade Created on a manual machine by craftsmen in Warmia Sweaters made of the highest quality Polish yarn (does not bite, pleasant to touch, skin-friendly) We make sure that every product is tailored to your needs. Therefore, we can attach pockets, a belt, a hood or change the dimensions Sweaters friendly to our planet - we do not use electricity or generate waste in production (we use the raw materials until the end) Composition: 20% wool, 20% cotton, 20% viscose, 40% acrylic We recommend hand wash with liquid for sweaters Women's Artisanal Grey Cotton Cuddly Cardigan Idared Graphite L/XL You by Tokarska