Women's Artisanal Chartreuse Earrings - aracheli studio


The earrings each consist of 1 bright and beautiful opaque Chartreuse window glass beads. The German vintage glass beads are framed with 24K gold and finished with gold filled metal beads and wires. The vintage German glass beads were hand pressed during the 1920s- 1960s. No two beads are exactly alike. These beads are "New Old Stock" and are almost, if not some are 100 years old. These beads are no longer in production thus making them rare and highly collectible. Due to the nature of this jewelry, it is unique. You may gently polish your jewelry with a soft jewelry cloth using water and a little soap to restore their brighter finish. Do not rub the vintage glass beads too hard as it can cause the gold plating to wear off thus exposing the platinum underneath. To protect the glass and gold finish of the beads do not attempt to clean them with any cleaning agent. It is best if you remove your jewelry when sleeping, bathing, swimming and washing your hands and putting them away neatly where they can not be tangled. Women's Artisanal Gold Chartreuse Earrings Aracheli Studio