Women's Artisanal 18Kt Topaz Sapphire Band Ring Handmade Jewelry - artisan
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Code-ING-8954 Gross Weight:(gms)-2.79 Gold Purity:-18kt Gold Weight:(gms)-2.366 Silver Purity: Silver Weight: (gms)- Gemstone Name:-Sapphire, Topaz Gemstone Weight:(cts)-0.5, 1.62 Diamond Weight: (cts)- This jewelry is made by hand featuring detailed workmanship. Be careful to avoid dropping or banging as physical impacts can result in damage to the pieces including stones falling off. To care for your or jewelry, take caution to keep away from harsh chemicals, Perfume, and Water. You may wipe with a clean polishing cloth to maintain a beautiful shine. Keep in mind that extensive exposure to saltwater, sunlight or harsh chemicals can permanently damage your handmade jewelry. When not in use, keep your jewelry in its box to protect from dust and other debris Women's Artisanal Blue 18Kt Yellow Gold Topaz White Sapphire Band Ring Handmade Jewelry