Willow Small Charcoal Olefin Cuddler Pet Bed - grand basket inc


At Winn + Willow, we understand that pets are not just friends, they're family - so we set out to create a line of pet products that are not only stylish, ultra-comfortable, and durable, but most importantly pet-approved! We designed our beds using outdoor-grade fabric, which allows you to move your pet wherever you are, inside or out, and ensures that your loyal companion can always lay by your side. Whether you are relaxing in the backyard or winding down in front of the TV, this bed doubles as an ultra-comfy sanctuary and a durable hangout spot for your dog or cat. We offer two sizes in our Willow style bed so you can find the fit that works best for your furry family member (whether they bark or purr)! We are confident that you and your pet will love our products, but if that's not the case, please reach out to customer service at info@winnandwillow.com and we'll do our best to make it right.