Triple Laundry Sorter and - honey-can-do
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Sleek and contemporary, this Honey Can Do Elite Triple Laundry Sorter is both stylish and highly functional. Set on smooth glide wheels for easy maneuvering, the heavy-duty steel frame is both durable and rust-resistant. Three removable sorter bags are convenient for sorting and carrying laundry. Metal handles offer exceptional durability. Bags on the Honey Can Do Laundry Sorter feature breathable mesh material on two sides to keep laundry from storing odors. Mesh material on the 3 Section Laundry Sorter also serves as the bottom of the sorter to help keep heavy loads off of the ground. Contemporary styling and full-featured functionality make this 3 Section Laundry Sorter a great choice. A super-stocked closet could use a super hero, but it definitely needs the Honey Can Do Elite Triple Sorter. This elite laundry hamper is ready for some serious sorting. It sports three removable and washable mesh laundry bags, each with its own set of lightweight metal handles. Which means you can tidy and tote your less-than-lovely linens by simply tossing them into the right bag (think of it as inside basketball, minus the scoreboard). The breathable mesh helps prevent that lingering dirty clothes smell. The steel frame of the Honey Can Do Laundry Sorter is durable and rust-resistant. Smooth-glide casters let you easily move and maneuver this handy hamper into its proper position as your closet's new super hero, after all. Some assembly of the 3 Section Laundry Sorter is required.