Tools and Gadgets Lazy Spoon and Flexi Turner Kitchen Utensils Set 3 Piece - rachael ray


Put some smart precision into your cooking with the turner set. It's all about putting more gain with less strain into cooking and serving, and her turner brings that convenience to home cooks everywhere. The clever notch on these durable tools allows them to perch on pot and pan rims so drips and sauces land inside cookware instead of on counters, floors, and stovetops. Lightweight, rigid nylon construction of the Flexi turner heads make it a cinch to flip pancakes, slide eggs onto your plate, or turn a griddled Sammy, and the scraping spoon features an innovative straight-edge tip for scraping up browned bits from a batch of rach's broken spaghetti meatballs -- fuggedaboutit! This set is designed to work like a champ and rest like a charm. Balance the turner on the side of a skillet when preparing red potatoes and green peppers for Sunday brunches, and you’ll always know right where it is. Ideal for use with nonstick interiors because they don’t scratch or scrape, the nylon tools are heat safe to 400°F and dishwasher safe for convenience. These colorful, clever kitchen tools make the perfect complement to other stylish, smart-designed kitchenware and cookware. Color: Light Blue