The Vegan Christian Cookbook & Optimum Health Guide Plant Powered and Jesus Powered the Blessed Union Superfood Chef Todd Dacey Author - createspace publishing


I have researched for over 20 years the positive effects that more of a plant-based, balanced, healthy diet can have personally and planetarily. Here are some of the many complimentary and supportive benefits to a Christian practice of a healthy plant based diet. The health benefits are clearly proven by one Christian denomination, the Seventh Day Adventists who practice mostly vegan with some vegetarian. Of the nine places worldwide bestselling Blue Zones author Dan Beutner found where people lived the longest, Loma Linda California (home of the seventh Day Adventists) turns out to be in the top three! When we realize the triple evils of Factory Farming, processed foods and GMOs then it becomes painfully apparent our financial resources can no longer be used to support these kinds of greed based unholy businesses (and our illnesses they also profit from) any longer! Evil and its minions hate Jesus and God's Love, and would rather seek revenge making other plans, like sabotaging our ability to embody love, enslaving humanity, destroying nature and planet earth. They want to make sure there is no chance of this planet and Humanity returning to the Garden of Eden by seting many baited traps to impede and to prevent any chance of our glorious reunion. Its ridiculously obvious, addictions that block our ability to feel our true feelings (alcohol, drugs, inappropriate sex, greed) thereby prevent our opening to love. What's become even more appallingly apparent is the diabolical, insidious nature of what evil has done and is doing by infiltrating our food supply. Make no mistake this is the major bait for the trap to sabotage any possibility of embodying Christs Love. Clearly our food supply is mostly horribly compromised, causing, escalating chronic illness, species and habitat destruction, global warming and so much more, all blatantly obvious to be in total alignment with evil intent. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's massive amounts of pharmaceutical drugs trap us into a matrix of disempowerment whether Christian or not. Refusing to kill animals for the fleeting taste of their flesh is a logical extension of Christian theology. As part of the story of creation, Genesis 1:29 tells us, Then God said, 'I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.' The verse suggests that God's perfect plan for creation was vegan. Killing His animals for their flesh also seems to contradict numerous verses stating that Christians are called to be loving, kind, and merciful. Food is not like it used to be. Beware of eating foods Lucifer has prepared in Hell. The Hell of a factory farm where innocent animals are tortured beyond belief their whole lives, loaded with toxins and antibiotics. Then we consume the poisons the hormones of pure terror, the energy of pain and suffering, the GMOs and to make matters even worse we finance Lucifer's diabolically evil schemes paying money to take his bait into our bodies. GMO foods are part of the traps bait, products of genetic manipulation altering Gods sacred design and Natures Harmony in dangerous and unhealthy ways. Processed sugar and toxin loaded foods are pure poison causing a multitude of serious illnesses, leaky gut and resulting, various neurological complications (including neuro- fibrillary tangles, amaloid plaques, oxidative rust from immunoid cytotoxicity etc. short-circuiting our neurons communication pathways and often any ability to be other than disempowered and pharmaceutical ridden zombie like shells. The Bible depicts a plant based diet as God's ideal. In Eden, all creatures lived peacefully, and God told humans to consume only plant foods (Gen. 1:29-31).