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HOMZ Sweater/Delicates/Swimsuit Dryer, Surface, Black, Set of 12 Hanging 3 Tier Drying Rack, 12 Count

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Sweater Delicates Swimsuit Dryer Surface Hanging 3 Tier Drying Rack 12 Count - homz
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Set of 12 Homz Hanging Drying Racks. The perfect drying rack for delicate clothing, baby clothes, swimwear, athletic clothing, lingerie, hosiery and sweaters! Three tiers of drying space give you a total of 9 square feet! Easily hooks to additional Homz Hanging Drying Racks to maximize drying space. Each tier is made of breathable mesh to maximize airflow to improve drying time! Each Drying Rack has 2 durable plastic hooks that will work on standard shower rods for easy set up and take down Comes with a reusable lingerie bag for convenient and compact storing - use for washing your delicates and to put away the drying rack Space saving drying rack folds flat when not in use and fits in small spaces. In use dimensions: 32" tall x 26. 5" wide x 18" deep The 4 hooks at the bottom of the drying rack allow you to attach additional hanging dryers for extended vertical drying space