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COSCO Stylaire Retro One-Step, Non-Folding Step Stool (Teal, One Pack)

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Stylaire Retro One Step Non Folding Step Stool One Pack - cosco
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The COSCO One Step Non-Folding Step Stool provides a secure and stable solution to retrieving items just out of reach. The classic chrome frame with a timeless retro style leave one filled with fond memories, while the light weight nature of this stool make it convenient for many household tasks! Max Reach is 7 feet 4 inches* (*Max Reach assumes a 5 foot six inch person with a vertical 12 inch reach) Life is a story: a collection of moments, told one memory at a time, shared with people we love. And for over 80 years, COSCO has been proud to be part of that story, offering products that improve and simplify your everyday life. Whether you are moving, painting, redecorating, hosting guests, or simply relaxing outdoors, we have you covered. As life unfolds, we will continue to deliver products with practical and innovative designs. It’s our promise to you. COSCO. Smart. By Design.