Sorcerer Dungeons Rabbit Bunny RPG Dice Game Throw Pillow 18x18 - bcc tabletop gaming shirts & role play game gifts


Sorcerer Dungeons and Bunnies Rabbit Bunny RPG Dice Game Design shows the sorcerer of a selection of cute bunnies dressed as different role play game characters: paladin, barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, monk, ranger, rogue, warlock, wizard. Perfect gift for nerd, geek, gamer who love to play role play games, video games, pc games, video game console, computer gaming, board games, card games, fantasy movies. Great to wear at your next dice rpg gaming session or games night with friends. 100% spun-polyester fabric Double-sided print Filled with 100% polyester and sewn closed Individually cut and sewn by hand Spot clean/dry clean only