Solid Single Face Satin Ribbon for Wedding and Crafts 50 Yards - gwen studios
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1.5 Inch White Satin Ribbon with Woven Edges 50 Yard Spool of 1.5" White Single Faced Satin Ribbon (150 feet) Lustrous Satin Ribbon has woven edges that resist fraying Satin Ribbon is made of fine yarns and a luxurious high thread count 100% Polyester machine washable ribbon is safe for sewing  Gwen Studios Satin Ribbon won't fade or shrink Ideal for sewing projects, bows, crafts and wedding Wide Single Faced Satin Ribbon -- Shiny and Matte Glossy Finish on one side and Matte on reverse White Satin Ribbon creates beautiful shine on any project 1.5" Ribbon is wide enough for weddings and floral crafts Gwen Studios Satin Ribbon is available in a wide array of colors Bright White Satin Ribbon Ideas White Satin Ribbon is perfect for Wreaths and Floral Arrangements Glossy, smooth finish creates enchanting Wedding and Event Decor White Satin makes elegant Wedding Sashes Create Gift Wrap Bows for bridal showers, wedding or anniversary gifts Embellish with pearls or beads for bridal headpieces, headbands or bouquet ribbons Single Faced Satin has a unique, dual texture quality, a glossy finish on one side and matte on the other side. Woven from fine, high-quality yarns, Gwen Studios Single Faced Satin Ribbon has a glossy, polished look that works well for crafts, sewing, bridal, baby, floral and home design projects. This high-quality satin weave is made of high thread count fabric that's piece-dyed to ensure color consistency. And best of all, Gwen Studios Satin Ribbon is made of 100% Polyester that's machine washable and won't fade or shrink! White Satin Ribbon Makes Beautiful Bows for Wreaths, Crafts and Home Decor Projects  This Ribbon gets its silky feel from its high thread count. With flexible woven edges, Single Faced Satin can be looped, twisted and wrapped for almost any kind of DIY Ribbon Craft. The contrast of matte and silky sides will give your projects a stunning multi-dimensional visual effect. Use classic White Satin Ribbon on its own or combine it with other Gwen Studios colors to create a wide variety of projects. 1.5" Satin Ribbon Creative Ideas and Uses Our 1.5 inch wide  White Satin Ribbon is ideal for a variety of craft projects, decorations, bows, sewing projects, bridal decorations, home decor and gift wrap. Use to make bows for wedding bouquets, flower arrangements or embellishments for bridal gowns. Design wreaths for various holidays and occasions by pinning strips of Satin Ribbon onto a foam base. Twist, Sew and Embroider Satin Ribbon to form large ribbon flowers and ribbon roses.  Try tying or sewing beads or charms onto various lengths of Satin Ribbon to create bookmarks, gift tags, lanyards or key fobs. Wide Satin Ribbon makes a bold choker necklace or wristband or cuff jewelry.  Make a shabby chic broach by cutting a scalloped edge on one side of ribbon and wrapping it around a jewel-encrusted pin.  For a simple, fun project, braid, twist, knot and sew Satin onto a headband form to make a Bohemian Knotted Headband. Create texture on a flat photo wall by using wide satin ribbon as picture hangers.  Gwen Studios White Satin Ribbon offers endless possibilities!