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Skyline Flatweave Rug

Skyline Flatweave Rug - rejuvenation


Beautiful in a range of aesthetic styles from eclectic spaces to more traditional room designs, our Skyline Rug combines a rich color palette with a geometric diamond pattern for a timeless look that suits any room in the house. This rug collection was expertly crafted in India using the kilim weaving technique. Similar to tapestry making, kilims are created by highly skilled artisan—many of whom have been weaving their entire lives and have been given the title “Master Weaver” as a testament to their skills. The artisans tightly weave individual hand-dyed wool yarns under and over a base of cotton warp threads—row by row, and thread by thread. The result is a bright and bold flatweave rug, uniquely handcrafted and made to last.