Simply Scrumptious Microwaving A Collection of Recipes from Simple Everyday to Elegant Gourmet Dishes A Cookbook Lorela N Wilkins Author - random house publishing group


You already know how convenient microwaving is—now discover how wholesomely delicious it can be! Simply Scrumptious Microwaving introduces you to a delectable new world of cooking. Emphasizing the fresh, natural ingredients you love, this book features a wide range of recipes to prepare in minutes—from old favorites like hearty Beef Stew, Fresh Broccoli with Cheese Sauce, and luscious Strawberry Pie to exciting regional dishes such as tangy Chinese Barbecued Chicken, Southern-style Corn Pudding Casserole, and spicy Mexican Salad Toss. For a special treat, why not serve a delicate Asparagus Almondine and succulent Leg of Lamb with Herb Mustard Coating—followed by elegant White Chocolate Mousse for dessert! With nearly 600 recipes to choose from, you’ll be tempted to use your microwave for all of your cooking! And, thanks to a complete how-to section, you won’t have to rely on guesswork at all. Simply Scrumptious Microwaving includes complete information on microwaving—from the best utensils to use to arranging food for the most successful results, from timing adjustments to converting regular recipes for use in your microwave. Microwaving has never been so scrumptious—or so simple!