Self Watering Hanging Plant Pot with Water Level Indicator Hanging Planter Indoor Outdoor Modern Flower Plant Pot Hanging Basket Stone - growled


Visible Water Level Indicator: Takes the guesswork out of watering, telling exactly when to refill the reservoir. Self-watering Function: The self-watering design will enable the pot absorb water for plants, it supplies enough water for their growth. Separator Design: Forms the water reservoir in the bottom of the planter. Drainage Plug: Break the hole in the bottom, remove the drain plug to allow rainwater to drain when used outdoors. Simply re-insert for use indoors. Plants Live Longer: The unique passive hydroponic action creates the perfect balance of root zone water and oxygen, allowing plants to grow healthier and flourish. Roots Breath, Plants Flourish - Simple design to make your plants get the right amount of water and space to grow better and faster.