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The Martex Supima Luxe Hand Towel turns the everyday act of drying your hands into an art form. This beautifully plush towel is made from 100% Supima cotton loops created from the finest cotton grown right here in the USA. Super soft whether it's wet or dry, this hand towel is thick and absorbent, so you dry off quickly. The Supima Luxe hand towel is 16x30 inches and available in six great colors: Sand, Seaglass (turquoise), Celadon (green), Spa Blue, Grey and White. Match it up with bath towels and wash cloths or choose a six-piece set featuring two bath and two hand towels along with a pair of wash cloths, all available separately. Machine washable of course, this towel comes out of the dryer feeling as good as new. WestPoint Home Seaglass Cotton Hand Towel (Martex supima luxe) in Blue | 079465026184