SC0169S Rectangular Square Adult Female Sunglasses - stella mccartney
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Stella McCartney SC0196S Rectangular-Square Adult Female Sunglasse. A luxury lifestyle brand that always remembers to include a bit of fun, Stella McCartney began in 2001 with the mission to offer fashion-forward items that maintain an ethical attitude. Focusing on the resources they use for everything from clothing to eyewear, the brand ensures they are a responsible company that brings incredible fashion to the world. Eyewear by Stella McCartney are simply works of art, with a collection that varies so dramatically it’s hard to categorize it as one individual style. Traditional shapes and colors certainly make an appearance, but for the most part, each frame is crafted to stand out from the rest of the industry. Catering to women who want fashionable femininity, Stella McCartney eyewear is youthful and fun while making space for themselves in your regular frame rotation. Jazz up an outfit with one of her more bold pieces or pick a subtle style for an everyday look.