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Rotating Hand Pressure Mop

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Rotating Hand Pressure Mop - xuu
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There are two drain outlets at the bottom of the mop bucket, which can shoot the dirt inside the mop bucket directly from the drain outlet, which is very convenient. Intimate handle design, the mop bucket is equipped with a handle, which can reduce your pressure and also make it more convenient to lift the mop bucket. The mop head is widened, and the mop cloth is made of microfiber, which can effectively clean the microfiber deeply and remove and absorb dust and dirt. Cleaning is easier. Self-washing-no needs to replace the mop pad when dirty. Just rinse the mop pad to remove dirt and replenish the cleaning solution. This model comes with 3 mop cloths, which can be replaced at any time. Suitable for all kinds of material surfaces, such as floors, ceramic tiles, marble, floor tiles, painted surfaces, etc.