Romana Deck Rail Planters 28 Inch Large Flower Box Planter for Outdoor Railing Plants ROP28000A34 - the hc companies


DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Made from plastic, these containers are very durable and lightweight This makes them great for performing outdoor container gardening on your patio, porch, deck, or balcony TRADITIONAL DESIGN - The traditional design and natural colors enhance formal and informal plantings outdoors The classic look of the flower boxes allows them to fit into any setting, so they are perfect for railings DRAINAGE AND CIRCULATION - These planter pots have raised feet for drainage and air circulation They also feature removable drain plugs, so you can easily transfer your outdoor plants indoors or control the water drainage of the planter LARGE SIZE - These planters are 28" long, so they are perfect for landscaping, patios, and pool-side settings Use these outside to help improve the appearance of your property PERFECT FOR ORNAMENTALS - These flower containers are perfect for displaying ornamental and decorative plants and flowers The simple design of the box helps to keep the attention on your plants making your deck feel more unified and elevated