Prism Oval Wall Sconce by Finish B2821 - troy lighting


Style and light amplify each other in the Prism Oval Wall Sconce by Troy Lighting. From the shape of the frame to the exquisite materials, each element of this piece was designed to turn heads. The Solid Aluminum frame matches the ovular shape of the central shade, providing strong supporting and complementary geometry. Small clamps at the end of each Aluminum arm secure the Crystal shade, a breath-taking piece that reflects and refracts light as it moves through and around the diffuser. The Prism brings the intriguing beauty of something from science fiction, but with a casual grace that blends beautifully with existing modern decor. California-based Troy Lighting was founded in 1963 with a focus on both indoor and outdoor lighting options. Best known for their playful, mid-century modern designs with an industrial edge, Troy Lighting seeks to use custom-made parts for each piece they produce. Their Andromeda 12 light pendant looks chic in a contemporary home while the Watson outdoor wall sconce is ideal for lighting communal outdoor spaces. Color: Clear. Finish: Graphite