Pilot LED Chandelier by Finish Polished PT 8A3 PF14 27 277_DL_DEX - rbw
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Designed by RBW in partnership with Meyer Davis, the Pilot LED Chandelier features rotating, shell-like diffusers crafted in reference to the seductive organic forms synonymous with mid-century sculptors Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. Intuitive ease and simplicity, two design values core to the work of the NY based studios, tell the story of the chandelier. Its linear metal structure highlights this reductive approach, using simplicity to guide the eyes to the organic forms. These sculptural fiberglass diffusers rotate in tandem with LED-fitted heads, empowering the user to create tailored silhouetting and illumination. LED light beamed through the light scattering organic forms accentuates their soft contours and intriguing surface texture to produce a delicate aesthetic. RBW is an all LED lighting company that was established in New York City in 2007. Their modern creations are simple, expressive and intelligent, incorporating high quality materials and careful craftsmanship. With pieces like the playful, eye-catching Crisp Wall/Ceiling Light and the iconic, geometric Witt 1 Chandelier, creativity has garnered the company's designers awards and recognition, including B Corp certification and a place on Inc Magazine's 2020 Inc 5000. Shape: Abstract. Color: Copper. Finish: Polished Copper