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Pensofal PastaSi 5 qt. Aluminum Nonstick Pasta Pot in Terre di Siena with Lid

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PastaSi Aluminum Nonstick Pasta Pot in Terre di Siena with Lid - pensofal
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The 5 Qt. Pensofal Terre di Siena non-stick Family PastaSI is perfect to cook and drain pasta, potatoes, rice and more in this multi-use pot that has a strainer built into the lid. With it's exclusive patented locking system, simply place the lid on the pot and turn clockwise until lid is secure. Once lid is locked in place, you can safely pour off the water through the drainage system in the lid eliminating the need for additional strainers or colanders. Featuring Bioceramix, a new and special non-stick coating exclusive to Pensofal technology, make your favorite recipes and you healthier by cooking with the benefits of non-stick cookeware. Composed of several layers of non-stick coating with a ceramic base reinforcement creating a compact film, always smooth and completely impermeable. Bioceramix is environmentally friendly, has no PFOA's and is lead-free. The patented inox double bottom is anti-warp, anti-skid and allows for even heat distribution; suitable for all cooking applications including induction. Made in Italy.