Pablo Grid Single Pendant Light by Pablo Lighting Finish GRID 1X1 ASH - pablo designs
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Inspired by Japanese joinery tradition, The Pablo Grid Single Pendant displays modern-contemporary design in the orderly placement of lightweight louvers. Pablo Grid Single Pendants illuminate dining areas, offices, and hallways with warm ambient lighting for a cozy environment. As a silo or a set, the Grid Single Pendant integrates seamlessly into any interior layout. The opposing application of parallel slats function to filter the luminosity of the LED flat panels, provide downward lighting, with minimal spill. The Pablo Grid Triple Pendant provides warm glare free light through evenly spaced louvers to enjoy in any interior design. Based in San Francisco, Pablo Designs is a lighting brand founded by Venezuelan-born designer Pablo Pardo in 1993. Their contemporary products are simple yet sophisticated, using cutting edge technology and high quality materials to create refined, balanced designs. From the sleek lines of the Pixo Optical Table Lamp to the fluid curves of the Swell Pendants, Pablo incorporates LED lighting and elegant shapes into timeless, award-winning products. Shape: Rectangular. Color: Cream. Finish: Ashwood