PA 20537 AM Digital Thermometer - kenmore
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DIGITAL COOKING THERMOMETER: Designed with a long stainless steel probe and thin tip to provide a quick temperature reading while grilling, roasting, baking, cooking, and more VERSATILE USES: Great for checking the temperature of steaks, burgers, chicken, turkey, and even broths or sauces to prevent over or under cooking LCD DISPLAY: Large LCD display and on/off button make it convenient and easy to use, while the pen-style shape is comfortable to hold CONVENIENT STORAGE OPTIONS: Opening on the end of the handle allows it to be stored on hanging loops or hooks by the grill, and it also includes a probe cover for storage in kitchen drawers MADE WITH DURABLE PLASTIC AND STAINLESS STEEL: Measures 11.81" x 1.4" and is made with sturdy plastic and stainless steel for long-lasting durability