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Oversized Grandfield 31.5" Wall Clock

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Oversized Grandfield all Clock - alcott hill
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Add a bit of classic charm and vintage character to your walls with this wall clock that looks like a relic from an old hotel within the infamous shopping district of Paris from yesteryear. Surrounded by a thick and chunky brown frame that borders this retro-inspired timepiece in a bold and prominent way, this commands attention as a wonderful wall decor accessory and accent piece. The spade-style hour and minute hands mesh perfectly with the Roman numerals and parchment-like paper, all of which combine to finish off the vintage inspiration of this catchy wall clock. Not only is this a stunning timepiece that serves an everyday function but it also provides a decorative accent for your home decor needs with its magnificent size and bold display. A truly attention-grabbing piece that works in a variety of decor situations and scenarios, this compelling wall clock is perfect for making a bold statement within in your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom. It has a traditional and classic look to it that fits contemporary, modern, farmhouse and antique decor styles.