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One Piece Toilet Smart Elongated Toilet, LCD Display Warm Clean Dry Auto-Flush Thermostatic Seat Air Purify Hygiene Auto-Memory Temperature Control Vo

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One Piece Toilet Smart Elongated Toilet LCD Display Warm Clean Dry Auto Flush Thermostatic Seat Air Purify Hygiene Auto Memory Temperature Control Vo - gomind
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Features:*Voice broadcast: When turning off, turning on, and using various functions, there will be voice playback, which is not only visible but also audible, and more convenient and flexible to use.*ACC fault detection: functional voice prompt, real-time detection, quality visible, voice prompt for fault function.*Hygiene: post-cleaning, female cleaning, pulsating cleaning, adjustable water pressure, sanitary filtered water.*Air purification: The deodorizer uses a powerful air filter to effectively clean the air around the toilet. Inhale the air and pass the ionized carbon filter to eliminate unpleasant odors.*Comfort of instant heating: hot water heating technology, used to heat seats and water.*LCD Display: real-time dynamic display of the use of various functions, practical and beautiful atmosphere.*Intelligent memory: Automatically memorize the usage habits before power off, and save the setting steps next time, really worry.*Safe & warm seat with 12v low voltage: the temperature of the hot seat ring, the fourth gear can adjust the appropriate temperature, and it is no longer annoying when the weather is cold.*Adjustable water temperature: The temperature of the flushing water is constant, and the four gears can be adjusted to suit the temperature of the human body.*Warmed air drying: The warm air is clean after rinsing, and the fourth gear can adjust the appropriate temperature, no longer worrying about the tissue problem.*Dual mode switching: 1, Foot feeling flip function; 2, Radiolocator automatic flip function.Additional functions:fully automatic flip, foot feel loop, female cleaning, buttocks cleaning, mobile cleaning, massage cleaning, nozzle self-cleaning, one-button stop, seat induction, seat heating, warm air drying, air temperature adjustment, Adjustable water temperature, water pressure adjustment, silent slow drop, night light lighting, automatic deodorization, spray rod adjustment, instant hot water, wall moisturizing function, automatic flushing, power failure flushing, power failure memory, smart remote control, ACC fault voice Broadcast, identify men's urinal flushing, 2 flip modes. Specifications: Color: white,gray Product Size:68x40.9x56cm/26.8x16.1x22in Material: Ceramics,ABS Switch mode: mobile phone APP, remote control, toilet side switch Flushing method: jet siphon Voltage: 110v Heating mode: instant heating Water supply method: water pipe directly connected Water pressure requirements: With water tank, 0 water pressure requirement Pit distance: 300mm Structural form: Siamese Drainage method: floor row Outlet water temperature: normal temperature, about 34, 37, 40 degrees Celsius (4 gears) Seat ring temperature: normal temperature, about 34, 37, 40 degrees Celsius (4 gears) Warm air temperature: normal temperature, about 35, 45, 55 degrees Celsius (4 gears) Air volume: over 0.2m/mln Mobile cleaning: the nozzle can move 1.5cm back and forth Nozzle position: front and rear adjustable Bearing range: 200KG Product Type:One-Piece toilet Flush Type:Pressure Assisted ,Siphon jet Maximum Gallons Per Flush:1.056gallons Minimum Gallons Per Flush:0.924gallons Note: The amount of water used for flushing and discharging is actually related to the water pressure (the angle valves can adjust the water pressure) Whether it contains a hidden water tank: YES Sewage outlet: concealed Sewage outlet: 3.149inch The distance from the wall behind the toilet to the center of the bolt that fixes the toilet: 11.81inch The diameter of the position where the flush valve is connected to the toilet: 0.75inch Package Includes: 1x Toilet 1x Remote control 1x Flange ring 1x Filter cartridge 1x Spare battery 1x Instruction manual