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One-of-a-Kind Jozlynne Hand-Knotted 1970s 6'9" x 10' Area Rug in Pink/Purple

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One of a Kind Jozlynne Hand Knotted 1970s Area Rug in Pink - isabelline
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Vintage patchwork rugs are the heritage of culture, tradition, and history and their pieces bring together like puzzles to originate this unique and beautiful rug. This rug is selected from 30 - 50 years old and traditional hand-knotted Turkish rugs. They have been collected all around Anatolia's villages from Turkey then cleaned and washed carefully, original patterns are kept and they overdyed in new colors by using natural dyes. After all these processes they cut into different sizes then they are sewn together like bringing together pieces of the puzzle from traditional handcraft to contemporary art. Also, their back is sewn with buckram and cotton cloth. That clothing strengthens this rug.