Olivia Mini Pendant Light by Finish Matte D81582 BLK TOB - zaneen design


The Olivia Mini Pendant Light by ZANEEN Design is a retro-inspired piece from designer Silvia Poma. A beautiful, handmade, hand-blown glass piece with a lovely sense of texture has an elegant, diamond-like shape and offers a lovely hue for light to evenly filtered through. Designed to be clustered with other pendants in a variety of shapes, the Olivia Pendant light makes an inviting statement alone or artfully arranged alongside other light sources. ZANEEN design, a family-owned lighting company, is based in Toronto, Canada, and was founded in 1981. They create innovative modern and contemporary lighting that incorporate state of the art technologies. Their decorative, architectural and outdoor designs range from minimalist, LED wall sconces to elegant, colorful pendants, and they are known for creating high profile installations for organizations like Disneyworld, Six Flags and Atlantic City's Show Boat. Shape: Diamond. Color: Yellow.