Mosso Pro LED Floor Lamp by Finish Matte AR2001 WHT FLR - koncept


Sophisticated and practical, the Mosso Pro LED Floor Lamp showcases a harmonious blend of advanced LED technology and elegant, pure design. Located in the lamp head, the LED light source is controlled by an intuitive built-in touch strip which allows for effortless, continuous dimming. Simply slide your finger back and forth across the touch strip to turn the light on and off, and control the amount of light cast. Also on the lamp head is an integrated occupancy sensor that can sense whether the lamp is being used. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the Mosso Pro will turn itself off, and will automatically resume the previous setting when the occupancy sensor detects activity again. To control the color of the light simply touch the lens or hold it to change the temperature progressively. In conjunction with the advanced LED technology, the metal structure of this modern floor lamp is highly functional. Located in the stem of this modern floor lamp is a standard USB port for charging electronic devices. The stem also supports a flexible arm that can be adjusted forwards and backwards, and rotated up and down 180 degrees. The lamp head can rotate 360 degree and be adjusted up and down 180 degrees. The highly adjustable structure and advanced LED technology allow for the direction and intensity of the light to be customized based on need and preference. Koncept lighting, international lighting design firm. Dynamic lighting designs to accentuate and compliment any space. From conceptualization to reality, it all comes together at Koncept Lighting. Color: White. Finish: White