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Tailor Made Products Heavy Duty Plastic Hangers, Slotted for Strappy Shirts, 36 Pack, White

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Heavy Duty Plastic Hangers Slotted for Strappy Shirts - tailor made products
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With this Set of 36 Mighty Hangers, you can keep your apparel organized effectively within your closet or wardrobe. Each one of the 36 hangers is made from heavy-duty plastic that is designed to stand up to even heavyweight clothing items. They are designed with slots on either side for holding clothing with straps firmly in place. Use the hangers on any standard-size bar with ease, and enjoy all of the organization that they bring to your life. This set of hangers is designed to last and can be used again and again even as your wardrobe changes. Use them to hang suits, tank tops, dresses and any other article of clothing you want to store within your closet. They are a solid white color that blends in well with most closets.