Met Lux 12 Inch Hand Grater 1 Coarse Cheese Grater With Handle Slip Protection Stainless Steel And Plastic Rasp Grater For Grating Cheese And Vegetables - restaurantware


COMFORTABLE GRIP: This handheld grater is designed with an easy-to-grip plastic handle for efficient and comfortable use. Fits perfectly in your hands! SHARP STAINLESS STEEL EDGES: Designed with razor-sharp stainless steel grating edges, this kitchen grater is built to stand up to any of your tough ingredients. COARSE GRATER: Add a burst of flavor to recipes with coarsely grated cheeses, herbs, or aromatics. Ideal for sprinkling parmesan over pasta, or grating chocolate over cupcakes! SO MANY USES: Use this coarse grater to grate cheese, zest oranges, shred chocolate, make breadcrumbs, grate zucchini, and more. A must-have multi-purpose kitchen tool! COMMERCIAL OR PERSONAL USE: Built to withstand long-term commercial use, these handheld graters are perfect for restaurants, hotels, catering companies, food trucks, or home chefs!, Weight: 0.29 Pounds, Manufacturer: Restaurantware