Mellita Pendant by - sea gull lighting


Bring a clean and calming quality to the room with the Mellita Pendant by Sea Gull Lighting. This charming pendant begins at a circular canopy and adjustable chain. A steel ring supports a series of bulbs that cast a radiant glow through slender white satin etched glass discs. Each disc hangs freely in place, lending a dynamic charm that evokes movement and whimsy. Elegant and adaptable, this piece brings balance to a wide range of interior décor themes. Since their inception in 1919, Sea Gull Lighting, a Generation Lighting brand, has consistently produced high quality decorative and functional lighting for homes and businesses alike. In addition, their commitment to cutting-edge, energy-efficient technology has been widely recognized and awarded across a staggering 15 product categories. Thus, their extensive line of more than 3,500 products (spanning 15 categories) are not only on-trend and affordable, but friendly to the environment as well.