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Measuring Cup and Spoon Set

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Measuring Cup and Spoon Set - gelaosidun
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Product description: Both baking and cooking needs accuracy. Most recipes of baking and cooking require precise proportion and quantity of ingredients to make excellent food with good flavor. Adding the wrong amounts of ingredients may result in a food disaster. Having an accurate kitchen measuring set is absolutely a good start. Bring our Measuring cups and spoons set home now! They are clear, accurate, easy to read and will never rub off, with both metric and US measurements on. FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL: Our red measuring cups set is made of food grade stainless steel, protecting you away from potential hazard of rusty stainless steel or BPA-infested plastic. Safe to measure both liquid and dry ingredients! Every single measuring cups body is thickened to be sturdy and will not break easily. With the non-reactive stainless surface, it is rust-resistant and will not react with food or affect the flavor. Bring our measuring spoons and cups home now for better cooking. CLEAR & ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS: Every single cup and spoon is engraved with measurements of their volumes on. The measuring cups are marked in cups and milliliters, while the measuring spoons are marked in teaspoons/ tablespoons and milliliters. Moreover, the measurement marks are clearly and accurately engraved on the handle instead of painting so that they are easy to read and will not fade. Color: Gray