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Martucci Stone Round Soap Dish

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Martucci Stone Round Soap Dish - latitude run
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This composition gives the stone a unique warm quality, similar to natural stone. Resistance to all sorts of chemical and physical influences, as well as its completely impermeable surface, make this material one of the first choices for interiors when hygiene and neat design matter the most. Waterproof: corrosion or swelling due to steam or moisture is not possible, the surface cannot be damaged by moisture, rot or mildew - as liquids cannot penetrate it. 100% Durable due to impact and shock resistance. 100% Hygienic, dirt repellent and stain resistant due to a non-porous surface. Chemical resistant, and completely homogeneous. Easy to repair and care. Flame and heat resistant. Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable. Stone is 100% European made quality.