Mario LED Wall Sconce by - arnsberg


It’s deceitfully elegant, has a pleasing shape, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of space. The Mario LED Wall Sconce from Arnsberg adds a sophisticated touch to rooms, thanks to its shapely compact design. The circular piece is split in the middle horizontally, creating an opening for its LED which produces an ambient downlight. On the bottom half of the circle, a short barrel shaped lamp adds a luminous dotted accent. The piece works perfectly in your intimate or spacious living rooms or in between hallways. Named after the city that is the center of German and International lighting, Arnsberg is dedicated to providing the best quality light technologies at reasonable prices. The continual development of new lighting solutions is part of the Arnsberg DNA, which allows the company to create products that style themselves as functionally sophisticated and modernly refined. As the company strives to join the ranks of the most prestigious industry giants, Arnsberg remains vigilant towards keeping up with the current trends in today’s market and works to make high-end lighting an affordable part of their customer’s lives