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Suavitel Fabric Softener Morning Sun Scent, Liquid Softener, 102 Small Loads Laundry softener that provides incredible softness to every load Scent booster with the irresistible fragrance of Morning Sun 45 days of freshness HE Washing Machine compatible Suavitel liquid fabric softener is offered in a variety of refreshing fragrances to meet your laundering needs: Field Flowers, Morning Sun, Soothing Lavender, Waterfall Mist, Sunshine Bloom, Garden Breeze, and Vanilla. Try other Suavitel laundry boosters: Suavitel Complete Fabric Softener | Suavitel Laundry Conditioner | Suavitel Dryer Sheets About Suavitel For decades, people have been obsessed with Suavitel. For the way it makes their laundry smell and feel - but also for how it makes them feel. Suavitel is more than just the sum of its parts. For those who grew up with it, they know: it's unconditional love, bottled.