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LED Height Adjustable,10-Pod Indoor Garden Germination Kit, Self Watering Herb Garden, Hydroponic Kitchen Garden, Automatic Timer, Ideal For Various P

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LED Height Adjustable 10 Pod Indoor Garden Germination Kit Self Watering Herb Garden Hydroponic Kitchen Garden Automatic Timer Ideal For Various P - ma kulagaga
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Grow LED I-Shape Hydroponic Indoor Mini Garden Grow light is dedicated to use advanced technology to create greener life.Special spectrum: designed for home using plant growing, making plants grow faster, making leaves stronger and more uniform, making flowers brighter and more beautiful.LED technology:The lighting system automatically stays on for 16hrs a day and follows a natural 8hr night cycle. And the life time of LEDs is over 25,000 hours (over 4 years of use)Adjustable height:The lighting part can be adjusted in height in order to provide the right amount of luminosity for each plant. So you can start with seeding with lower height, and keep harvesting by higher height.Easy installation: 3-step easy installation, no tools required.Grow LED mini garden attractive design is perfect for use in home, office, restaurant etc. In this series, Grow LED mini garden grow light add white light to make people more comfortable to see the light, so it's perfect for people to put the light somewhere they can see as a truly portable mini garden. What's more, Grow LED mini garden this time use automatic lighting system, 16 hours on and 8 hours off to give plant enough light for their growth, it's time to not worry about the weather! Let's make our life much greener!