Kina Pendant Light by KIN 0440 NAT LIM ASM PAK - david trubridge
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The Kina Pendant Light by David Trubridge is made from bamboo plywood. Its design is as visually complex as the word Maori word it is named after meaning sea urchin. Kina is comprised of many identically shaped components that minimize the materials needed and maximize its volume and effect. After sailing the Pacific with his family for several years, David Trubridge landed in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, in 1985 and stayed, beginning to design lighting in 2004. Inspired by the natural and cultural environment there, his airy, contemporary designs are constructed from sustainable wood, nontoxic oils and recyclable plastics. David Trubridge's environmentally responsible designs, like his Coral pendant, were an instigator of the international raw sophistication trend. Shape: Oval. Color: Green. Finish: Natural and Lime