Keto Diet After 50 Keto After Age 50 Cookbook with Fun and Easy Ketogenic Diet Recipes Keto Cooking #9 Author - brendan fawn


As we age, our bodies age too. It becomes more difficult to digest the additional food. This is why the older people are prone to gain weight faster than the younger ones.In some cases, overweight becomes the cause of diabetes, arthrosis or hypertension. In order to lose few extra pounds and boost your energy level it is necessary to change the eating habits.This cookbook contains healthy keto diet recipes for people after 50. When eating low-carb food the body uses fats as the main energy source instead of glucose. The main reason why more and more people after 50 decide to choose a ketogenic diet is that there is no need to deprive yourself of tasty food if you want to lose weight or simply stay healthy.In recent years keto diet gains popularity, especially among older people who want to become healthier.This keto after 50 book contains:Information about the keto diet after 50Various ketogenic recipesTasty and juicy ketogenic recipes with photos