Jibraan Smooth Peel and Stick Wallpaper Tile - red barrel studio


Our wallpaper murals are self-adhesive, fully removable, and repositionable! The material we use is stain- and tear-resistant and sticks to any flat surface. Red barrel studio® wallpaper is printed using non-toxic, eco-friendly, odorless inks. No wall damage. Easy installation. Made in the USA.We also include about 0.5" of overlap down the right side of each panel, to aid in aligning help align the design when hanging.Important: remember to prepare the wall before application - the surface must be clean, completely dried, and free of dust. If your wall has been recently painted, allow at least 4+ weeks for the paint to cure before applying wallpaper. Our wallpaper will not stick to cement or textured walls.Included detailed step-by-step instruction. Size: 24'' W x 50'' L