I Line LED Linear Suspension Light by Finish Matte I LN S 150 LED4000K DIM UL 25 - lzf
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The I-Line LED Linear Suspension Light from LZF is a clean and smooth modern piece that brings a comforting and appealing glow to the home. Designed by Burkhard Dammer in 2020, this inviting and simple piece consists of an elongated oval made of wood veneer that hangs from a pair of wires. An integrated LED within the acrylic shade emits an even and welcoming layer of light that descends softly into the home while bringing life to the wood itself. Starting in a small studio in Valencia's historic center in 1994, then moving into a converted winery, LZF Lamps offers charming, unique lighting. Their environmentally friendly, contemporary designs are made by hand and use natural timber veneer to create diffused light with a warm, even glow. From the award-winning bloom of the Agatha Pendant to the pure simplicity of the Air Table Lamp, their products' elegant structural presence inspires passion and creativity. Shape: Linear. Color: Orange. Finish: Orange