Heavy Duty Plastic Clothes Hangers 36 Count Hook for Hanging Pants or Ties - tailor made products


This Set of 36 Jumbo Hangers features a sturdy build that is suited for heavy-duty clothes like sweatshirts, winter wear, coats and jeans. They are made of plastic that provides the same strength as wood. Thanks to their lightweight construction, they are easier to use and more compact. These heavy-duty hangers feature smooth, curved edges that do not leave creases or marks on your pants even if you hang them for long periods. They help prevent stretchy fabrics from having bumps form on the shoulders from hanging. You can use them for your lightest tanks to your heaviest pair of winter pants or coats. Hang jeans without needing special hangers. You can organize your closet by using the same hanger for everything. They will help you plan this week's wardrobe and with the separate loop below the hook, you can plan which tie, too.