Ground Cumin & Granulated Onion - mccormick culinary


Product 1: McCormick Culinary Ground Cumin features a distinctive flavor profile characterized by a strong, earthy, musty flavor Product 1: Kosher with no MSG added Product 1: Sourced especially for chefs, McCormick Culinary Ground Cumin is carefully ground into a fine, powdery texture and maintains its pungent flavor for superior quantity in every dish Product 1: Our 14 oz size is convenient to have on hand back of house Product 2: McCormick Granulated Onion is made from whole white onions Product 2: Savory pure onion flavor for just about any dish Product 2: So convenient, use to avoid the hassle of peeling and chopping onions Product 2: 1 tbsp. granulated onion = ½ cup chopped fresh onions