Grosgrain Ribbon for Crafts and Bows 3 100 Yards - gwen studios


Rich Brown 3/8" Grosgrain Ribbon in 100-Yard Bulk SpoolWith Gwen Studios Grosgrain Ribbon, your creative possibilities are endless! This Brown 3/8" Grosgrain Ribbon comes in a large, bulk 100-Yard Spool. It's made of highest quality woven fabric and piece-dyed to ensure consistent color, making our Grosgrain completely reversible. And best of all, our Grosgrain is made of 100% Polyester machine washable fabric, so it won't shrink or change color -- perfect for sewing, clothing and home decorations and crafts.Grosgrain Texture is Perfect for Bows and CraftsGrosgrain Ribbon's ribbed texture lends itself to a wide variety of uses. It has woven edges and ridges, created purposely so the groves will interlock at the base of bow and knots, creating a sturdy hold.Grosgrain Ribbon IdeasThis thin, 3/8" Brown Grosgrain makes a warm rustic trim, the cutest fall baby hair bows, mini clips and curly korker bows. Mix and Match with School Team Colors for Cheer Bows and Decorations. You can also sew it to a pillow, add beads, make sweet Cake Pop bows, or create a natural Grosgrain ribbon wall hanging by mixing and matching colors. Need even more ribbon ideas? Crisscross Grosgrain over a fabric-covered memo boards or Scrapbook pages to hold keepsakes and pictures in place. Narrow Grosgrain is also the ideal width for gift wrapping presents and tying on gift tags.Beautiful Colors and Widths -- Mix and Match!Gwen Studios Grosgrain ribbon is available in a beautiful range of colors. All widths and colors are machine washable which makes it a perfect ribbon for wearable ad home decor crafts. The possibilities are endless!