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Players become dog handlers in this AKC DVD board game. Equipped with game pawns, players must collect doggie treats and race around the game board trying to be the first handler to get their dog to the finish line. The game board incorporates aspects of the AKC such as 'Agility Obstacles' and 'Best in Show' competitions. Some spaces on the game board will ask players to interact with the DVD. When interacting with the DVD, players may be asked to take a 'Name that Breed' challenge, collect or lose 'Doggie Treats', have their dogs perform tricks or pick up 'Dog Daily News' cards where they are given amusing dog-scenarios. This entertaining, family DVD Board Game gives families the opportunity to learn interesting facts about dog breeds registered with the AKC.For 2 - 4 players, ages 8 and up.Contents Include: game board, pawns, DVD, cards/tokens, dice and instructions.